The Art of Singing

This website will help you be a better singer. But it will also help you enjoy listening to singing.

We all know about a good voice -- strong, clear, etc. This website has nothing to say about good voice in singing.

This website is about the art of singing. Gliding into a note. Dropping pitch at the end. Extending notes. Using ending consonants to be rhythmic. Operatic voice, voice breaks, and gravel. Rod Stewart (for one example of many) does not have a good voice, but he is still a great singer.

The links at the left will take you to general discussions of these techniques. The link SINGERS will lead you to discussions of particular singers. (These are two different ways of presenting the same information.)

This Website

As far as I know, you won't find this information anywhere else. I don't know why. These are all my own observations. I had to make up my own terminology. I slowly add to this site as I understand more. My PhD is in cognitive psychology. If you like this website, you will probably like my Some Psychology website.

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