Bob's Great Notes in Music

These are great single notes, from the perspective of the art of singing. I hope to slowly add to this page. No one could actually survey all of music, and I don't particularly survey a lot. So this is really just a list of great notes that I collected as I analyzed particular singers. Let's define "note" as something that would be a single pitch if the melody were written. I do not care about voice quality; the issue is art.

Elvis Presley

In the song "Take me hand", the last repetition of "help" has a wonderful extension involving a transition to operatic voice. Discussed here.

Karen Carpenter

The song is "We've Only Just Begun" The words to the bridge are "Sharin' horizons that are new to us. Watchin' the signs along the way. Talkin' it over just the two of us, to day, together" This is sung twice. There is a beautiful drop on the word us. The effect is created both times. In my ear, it might be stronger the second time.

I cannot describe the emotion. I would guess that she is smiling for just this one note. Maybe there is some creak, which I speculate she uses to show wisdom. There is maybe a feeling of intimacy.

It gives me a very warm feeling. I cannot yet reproduce the note. Carpenter was not the original singer of this song. I do not know if it is in the original; I wonder this because this is not a typical Carpenter effect.

Vanessa Carlton

The song is "1000 Miles". The note is on "you", and it is discussed here. What can I say? This single note is the launching pad to the grand finale. She surprisingly shifts to operatic voice, extends the note, and adds changes in pitch.