Useful Information for Being Happy and More Effective

My websites contain a huge amount of very useful information you will probably not find anywhere else. The topic is psychology -- being more effective and happier.

(You probably have to 'like to think' to appreciate this information. But if you found this page, you probably will like these websites.)

Focusing. Focusing is a technique for better mental health and better thinking. This website guides you through a focusing session. Do psychotherapy on the internet!

Flow. Flow uses your unconscious powers to perform better at sports, arts, games, vacationing, and life in general. Be more effective, creative, and happy!

Dyslexia Includes simple "cure" applicable to an estimated at least of half of dyslexics.

tics and stuttering. Simple cure.

Anti-Behaviorism Guide to Parenting

Accepting Children (and everyone else). Essay.

Satyagraha Gandhi and Martin Luther King used this. Theory and better "how to" instructions.

A Better Way of Teaching Math Effective, interesting, and important.

Learning My (published!) theory.

Intuition and the Unconscious Mind Intro to the unconscious, includes problem-solving.

Singing The art of singing. Glides, etc. Sing better! Enjoy singing more!

Other Essays

Robert Frick (Ph.D.)