Bridge Hands


 # ContractoriginDifficulty
Hand 46 HeartsmineIntermediate
Hand 63 No TrumpACBL BulletinIntermediate
Hand 76 SpadesStewartAdvanced- to Advanced+
Hand 86 Spadeslocal club playAdvanced-
Hand 92 Spades (defend)local club playAdvanced-


These hands are something like a daily bridge column, except you play the hand rather than reading about it. I think the experience is better than reading a column. More importantly, the computer format allows different options, such as offering help and changing difficulty levels. (Click here for further explanation, but the explanation can spoil Hands 6 and 7, so you might want to explore them first.)

Old hands do not have the amenities of new hands. You should probably start with #8 or #9.


To play a card, just click on it.

There is some delay built into the program. If you are tired of waiting for something, just click on whichever card you want to play next.


This is built to work smoothly with Internet Explorer. It works for Netscape Navigator 6, though the presentation is "bumpy". It doesn't work at all for my option of Opera.